The Stacks Record Shop

Seeing people that I’ve known for years following their passions and do amazing things is such a highlight. Had the chance to finally stop by the homie Delrokz new record store, The Stacks Record Shop in Hayward California which recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary.

Seeing him go from an online only business to a full brick and mortar is inspirational. Having always known him as a DJ while transforming into an educator and working in a record shop to becoming a businessman and opening his own store shows how driven he is. Props on all the work that you’ve put into making things happen, homie!

If you’re ever in the Oakland area, take the short drive to Hayward and stop by to get a dig in. The Stacks Record Shop is a full service shop with a great selection of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, Brazilian, Japanese and other international gems. Plus t-shirts, Super7 figures, tapes and more

The Stacks Record Shop

965 B Street

Hayward, California 94541