Abby Jeanne – Know Better

Philly’s Eraserhood Sound has become the label that represents the city and takes all of it’s magic and sounds globally with their eclectic lineup of artists and musicians. Continuing to build a roster of amazing talents, their most recent to the roster is songstress Abby Jeanne who’s vocals are soothing and soulful and on her way to getting plenty of spins in the future.

Abby Jeanne has been an artist her entire life. While growing up in Milwaukee, WI, she was indoctrinated into the arts via a public art schooling experiment in the 90s. As a pre-teen, she was socially adopted by a Rock N Roll cafe cult, where she wrote music, painted, and started her deep infatuation with records, especially 60s pop and underground soul/rock n’ roll via the haunted jukebox that lived there. A series of family tragedies, including the loss of her sister, left Abby living in a car with her guitar, which led to her traveling overseas and carving out a music career for herself.

Through it all, she is currently a New York City-based multimedia artist who has built a name for herself through not only her music, but her visual art and event throwing. After years of hustling to create DIY releases and garnering the support of national radio stations across the country, 2022 saw Abby Jeanne release the single “That’s Where We Are” on Philadelphia’s Eraserhood Sound.

Today she is back with a brand single titled “Know Better.” This unforgettable track features Eraserhood Sound’s signature in-house analog synth and soul production, and they represent some of Abby’s best, most inspired work to date. “Know Better” is a rollicking pop-soul party-starter that features a four on the floor beat, electrifying guitar riffs, and deceptively profound lyrics that examine the selfishness and vapidity of today’s society.