Diggers Dozen – DJ Muro

Incredible rare jazz from the Japanese scene of the 70s all hand-picked by the King of Diggin, Japan’s DJ Muro for the new Diggers Dozen comp brought to you by Diggers Dozen on BBE. The new compilation features 12 amazing Japanese jazz-funk and latin- jazz gems which fuse Japanese traditional musical instruments and traditional melodies. Each recording was done during the 1970’s by Japanese Jazz composers and musicians who have become highly regarded today as some of the greatest in the genre. The compositions stand alone on their own and set themselves a part from what was going on in that American Jazz scene during that time with composers and musicians like Kiyoshi Yamaya, Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys, Kifu Mitsuhashi, Toshiyuki Miyama putting the work.

Each of the tracks on this double vinyl set album have all become extremely scarce for collectors even in Japan so being able to own them all in one set and curated by DJ Muro makes it the perfect reason to own it.