Tha Alkaholiks Presents: E&J Sound System “Rubber Bands”

We gotta say that we didn’t see this one coming but we’re glad that it hit us like a hangover after a long night of drinking in Itaewon, Seoul Korea. Understand it or not, the image, scene and sound of Hip Hop is slowly making a return to the era that most have nostalgic dreams of and Tha Alkaholiks latest 7” shows that you can be from a previous era, still be relevant today and not sound “old”. The Alkaholiks Presents: E&J Sound System “Rubber Bands” produced by DJ E-Swift sounds refreshing to the ears and is exactly what we expected to hear from him, straight head nod business. Lyrically you know the deal, when has Tha Liks ever disappointed and not come correct on the bars. Beats, rhymes and liquid flow is what you’re going to get from this 45.

Limited edition of 500 pieces in pressed in beer colored vinyl. Make ours a double!

Peep the video