Magic In Threes – Aperitivo

No one does it quite like Magic In Threes and since their debut 2011 self-titled LP, they’ve been a mainstay in our listening rotation and experience. With several handfuls of LPs and 7″ releases under their belt, the band gears up for their next full length, “Incidental Music” which captures the outfit creating more amazing and magical music. Heading up to the next release, they’ve gone full speed ahead with the lead off single, Aperitivo b/w “Perp Walk” which sets the stage for the Magic In Threes experience.

From mellow freak beats to swinging smoke jaunts, Incidental Music delivers the signature vibes Magic In Threes have come to be known for. Dive head first into the blazed-out, bizarre groovy rhythms from the famed “Kings of Chill” as this will surely be a sell out release and crate essential.