Tappa Zukie “Freak” b/w Les Lutins “La Junglomainie”

There are very few labels that do the perfect combination of double-siders giving maximum play value on one 7”. 8 releases in and Ximeno Records has scored every time with pairing up different artists yet complimenting each other perfectly giving the DJ an assortment of sounds that work together. The latest release once again sheds light on two hefty cuts and ones that we weren’t up on previously but glad we are now.

The a-side features the killer Jamaican Disco tune “Freak” originally released on a Disco 12” by Tappa Zukie and one that commands a high price tag if you can find an original pressing. We’ve actually been playing this one heavy in the office since getting it in the mail and will definitely be a favorite in our sets especially during the late night hour. The b-side is for all of you rock heads and break lovers out there and for this one, doubles are a must. Montreal’s Les Lutins comes correct with “La Junglomainie”, a tough instrumental cut that opens with a hefty drum break before totally just wilding out for the duration of the song with extra fuzz on top to seal the deal.

Do you need this release? Of course you do and as with previous releases, Ximeno Records makes it possible for you to have a slice of goodness.