Escapism In Barcelona

This past week I had the pleasure of traveling to Barcelona to DJ but of course with all travels for work, there needs to be some down time to take in and enjoy the sites, people, food and cultures that the city has to offer. During my weekend layover in Barcelona, it was great to check out the farmers market which I had been hearing so much about which not only had fresh seafood, vegetables, breads and other things to take home and prepare for an amazing dinner but they also had restaurant stands where you could enjoy a beer while eating various dishes prepared by the chefs. Another feature of the city was the amazing architecture and the beauty that it possessed. I’ve always been a sucker for great design work so seeing some of it up close and being able to take a deeper look at how things were built many years ago and compare it to lack of workmanship of today gives you a greater appreciation for the details. Of course no trip is complete without food and the locals who share the many dishes that the country is known for with you. The two greatest things that connect people together are food and music and through my travels I’ve experienced the best of both worlds. Welcome to Barcelona!