Collecting Blank Tapes: Fact Magazine Feature

It’s no mystery that as the self proclaimed Nostalgia King, I’m a collector of all sorts of things especially when it comes to preserving things in an analog fashion. As a DJ there’s vinyl, visually there’s the vintage movie posters and art work that takes up much wall space in my home and as a movie lover, there is of course the 3000+ VHS collection that archives footage, TV shows, documentaries and movies, many of which have never made it’s way to DVD or YouTube.  But one medium that will always hold a special place in my heard (and collection) is the cassette tape. But I’m not talking about pre-recorded albums from artists on major labels but the wide assortment of blank cassette tapes that have became like gold bars on the collectors market.  Highly coveted brands and models from Maxell and Scotch to the oddball European brand only found in Russia.  Last week, Fact Magazine published “The cassette revival news blank tapes – meet the hoarders coming to the rescue” article over on their site which I had the pleasure of sitting in on and along with Roots Forward Records own  Jason Armitage and author Andrew Friedman.

Check out the article on what makes certain blank tapes special and find out about the worldwide network of collectors across the globe.

The cassette revival needs blank tapes – meet the hoarders coming to the rescue