Custom Cuts

There are a lot of people thinking outside of the box when it comes to creating something unique that can be used in everyday situations, but in the music world, personalized products which represents the artist or business has become the new calling card.  And one person working hard to establish a presence in creating something special is life-long music lover, DJ and industrial design student Patrick Davies but better known in the DJ community as Fluidcut. Patrick’s specialty is creating custom wood 45 adapters, personalized with the your logo which the Nostalgia King looks great spinning in the center of a 7″.

Nostalgia King 45

I found the adapters interesting and started noticing them popping up on social media so I reached out to Patrick to find out how he got started and what gave him the idea to do custom cuts. “The first set I made was for my friends who I DJ with in Oakland, they had our party logo. Then a friend reached out about making some to promote a party series that he was doing with Hieroglyphics. After that, I put a picture on Instagram letting people know that I made these adapters but my reach wasn’t that wide. So, I made some samples for labels and artists whose music I respect and sent pictures and it took off from there. It has been a way for me to make extra money to buy records and get on to promo mailing lists.”

He’s made and sold adapters for shops, labels and artists across the states and in Europe for Groove Merchant SF, Jive Time Seattle, Plaid Room Records and some variations for Colemine Records, Luna Records Indiana, Record Jungle Los Angeles, Dinked Records UK, Originals 45s UK, Daily Concept records Germany and Our Label in Germany to name a few.

“Each adapter is laser cut birch wood. I take the art work and will cut a number of variations to see what will look the most unique and best express the graphics. In some cases I’ll have to take bits and pieces from a logo and arrange them in a way that stays true to the brand language.”

45 adapters

If you’re looking for something that represents your product or to use as promo give Fluidcut a shout on Facebook or IG: @Fluidcut