Saucy Lady – Makka Na Taiyo

It’s no mystery that records featuring beautiful vocals of Japanese females from the 1960’s and 70’s take up a large portion of space in my collection.  I’ve always been fascinated with the soothing sounds and how the range of genres can go across the board and fit perfect in any setting.  Artists like Minako Yoshida, Hatsumi Shabata, Meiko Kaji, and Akiko Wada are all mainstays in rotation but I’m always looking for something new.  With that being said, one of my absolute favorite singers of the last year is without a doubt, Saucy Lady who has record some great tunes on Star Creature Universal Vibrations label and most recently her own imprint, Audio Chemists.

Her latest release “Makka Na Taiyo” b/w “Amaku Kiken Na Kaori” offers a new interpretation of the biggest Japanese pop hits from the 60s, originally sung by Japan’s nationally treasured star, Hibari Misora with guitar from modern favorite Yuma Hara, the grandson of the original song’s composer, Nobuo Hara of world renown “Sharps & Flats” Big Band. The flip side features a real slow burner of a cover of Japan’s legendary Tatsuro Yamashita’s “Amaku Kiken Na Kaori”. Produced by Yuki “monolog” Kanesaka. Distributed by Star Creature Universal Vibrations out of Chicago.