Slick Rick – Children’s Story Kids Book

Record Store Day is either loved or hated depending on who you ask.  The everyday at the shops music lover typically dislikes going on what is considered the Black Friday of music, the flipper who will buy multiple copies to sell at an inflated price only hours later.  With the influx of unnecessary re-pressings of records that typically sit in the bins anyway, labels have been finding creative ways to come up with new packaging and the addition of cool collectibles to go along with the music which makes things more attractive.  One label that’s been creative with giving the buyer something special is Get On Down and this year they’re giving us the greatest storyteller alive, Slick Rick and the visual story to his classic Children’s Story in book form!


The book was drawn in a classic Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids style made famous by cartoon company, Filmation who specialized in bringing Saturday morning adventures to televisions across the states.  The 18 book is packaged with a 45 featuring “Children’s Story” b/w “The Moment I Feared“, as well as a cd of Slick Rick’s first album, “The Adventures of Slick Rick“.


Available April 22nd and for more details head over to