Still Bombing

I get asked from time to time whats the last pure element in Hip Hop culture and my answer is always the same,  purity is all subjective to who is judging it. For me, it’s the graffiti artist, writer, street bomber, tagger or whatever you define yourself as when you’re out in the middle of the night being a vandal and the holy grail of surfaces to paint on has always been the subway.  We’re far from the glory years of when New York subway cars were a rolling canvas that brighten up (or created an eye sore) the tunnels or elevated lines but some traditions never die and there are still those who risk it all just to catch a flick even in 2017.

As a person who travels to European countries on a regular, seeing trains has become the norm but it’s indeed nice to get back to the states and know that from time to time, you’ll catch something in the city where it all started.

Flicks taken from @nyc_graffhead