Fukuoka Style Ramen

When it comes to authentic, the best is always the first and even if those that come after   have it’s own twist on it, there can only be one original.  That saying goes with many things but one of the few things that people outside of Japan may not know, is that not all ramen is created equal.  I guess it’s one of those things where you would look at it as simply ramen and never thought about the history or it or what separates its from another which would be similar to the variations between Texas and Memphis BBQ.   For those that don’t know, Fukuoka style ramen is original ramen and is similar yet much different than ramen from other regions.  Hakata Ramen as it is referred to is known as the best tonkaotsu, which is a pork bone broth ramen in Japan and is rich in flavor with an oily brother, thick slices of chashu pork and handmade noodles.

Whenever traveling to the city, Fukuoka style ramen is always the first and the last thing I eat because quite honestly, you can’t get it anywhere else.  Sure I’ve had seen it on menus at restaurants outside of Japan and although those bowls may have been inspired by that region, it’s like having a cheesteak outside of Philly, it’s just not the real deal.  If you ever have the chance to visit Fukuoka, do yourself a favorite an try a bowl, it will do you good!