Leroi Conroy – Tiger Trot

Whenever you hear drums thumping and shaking the room like a wild herd of elephants, then you know it’s got to be some heavy, heavy shit heading your way and that’s exactly you’re about to hear from the new Leroi Conroy “Tiger Trot” 7″ on Colemine Records. As soon as I dropped the needle down and heard the deepness of the drums combined with the slinkiness of the horns which gave this an overall sinister feel to it as if the Wu landed in Cairo and fresh off the plane laid the filthiness in the studio.

Tiger Trot is the first official production coming from Colemine’s Plaid Room studio in in Loveland, OH and serves as the first two tracks from the forthcoming LP from Leroi Conroy who has been rather busy in the lab working on working on other releases from the label and doing everything from mixing to label design artwork. That’s what you call a strong work ethic and if this lead single is any hint of what’s to come, then we’re in for a joy.

Available now over at https://www.coleminerecords.com