Pimpin Ain’t East Pt.1 – Pretty Tony

In full anticipation this past Sunday night, I tuned into the premier of HBO’s The Deuce which I had been waiting for since finding out about the script almost 2 years ago.  Upon finishing the first episode, I enjoyed what I had seen so far with only a few minor flaws that I can look pass in the long run but the and only one that really turned me off.  That turnoff honestly is a major one being the casting off and roles of a couple of the pimps played by Method Man and Black Thought (with Thought’s being the lesser of the annoying). Maybe it’s me, but rappers rarely make great actors but I have yet to see one play a good pimp and neither make me buy into their characters which seem more suitable for a Black Dynamite film than an actual telling of the history of the Porn industry.  The roles actually seem like someones agent got them the job based on their Hip Hop status versus finding suitable no name actors or better yet, finding actual street pimps how exploitation films used to do back in the 70’s.

In what will surely be at least a 5 part series, I’ve decided to dedicate some space to the great moments on film in Pimp history.  First up we have Pretty Tony from the 1973 classic, The Mack,  dude was cold.