The Vinyl Exam 147 – Ricky Regretti

With everyone out to present something and so much content being created, it’s difficult to keep up on whats needs my immediate attention, what to bookmark for later and what to completely pass on.  Out of the long list of to do’s, there are a few that I do my best to start the day or end the night with and one of those its The Vinyl Exam podcast hosted by Columbo Ahmed and Keith Foster.  Always covering a range of topics, the duo always seem to find the right guests to full of knowledge and ready to drop jewels and their latest, Mr. Ricky Regretti is no different.

As a member of the San Diego-based music collective known as Drumetrics, as well as a record collector, music junkie and basketball fan. This episode, Keith talks to Ricky about records, recording music, his favorite type of library music, the NBA and a lot more.

Tune in to the latest episode to for a lot of great info and stories!