Infinito 2017 – African of Kenya Ether Part 18

The Culture Power45 label is one that’s still very young in getting it’s feet wet in the industry yet they’ve made an impact in that short time with their short run of sell out 45’s.  The label concept brought to light by a group of individuals who believe in their mission of empowering the people through music so the people can power the culture and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.  Their latest or should I say one of their latest because they are always busy debuting releases comes from visual artist who just happens to be nice with the mic device as well, Infinito 2017.  The full length LP, “African of Kenya Ether Part 18” is poised as the 18th chapter of a 17 series box set where we find Infinito discovering he has lineage connected to Kenya and parts of Western North Africa, specifically the LUHYA tribe.

The soundscape is vocally packed with Infinito’s signature on/off beat flow that tackle concepts that range from gentrification, colonial oppression, to empowering black people as evidenced by the Dion Brown produced ‘Action to Take Back Our Land” and ‘Move and Confront’ produced by Japan based boom bapper Ill Sugi.  Music with a message, a message of power which is exactly the types of works Infinito 2017 paints visually in his art and now connects the same feeling with his music which shows just how focused he is on creating, power to the artist and all the lovers of that art!

Available now at Culture Power45