MNP – Ratto Nero B/W Beard

For many, October has become a favorite month for various reasons, for starters the weather has begun to cool off and we can slip into those hoodies that keep us comfortable.  Cinematically, Halloween is right around the corner which means it’s time to binge on those classic Horror genre flicks especially and what goes best with movies besides popcorn?  A great score to pain a picture without the need to see blood and gore which actually isn’t a bad thing for the diehards.

Some of cinemas finest soundtracks are Horror related created by master composers to bring bring excitement as well as fear to the ear and senses and that’s exactly what Brighton psych-funk combo MNP delivers with their new brain-melting 7″ double-sider. A heavy 70’s slasher-inspired theme featuring “Ratto Nero” on the A-side which is backed with the spooky flute-driven “Beard” on the flip. With additional spices and bat tails from Markey Funk, this new, Halloween special release is a perfect holiday treat for your ears.

If you’re familiar with any of the releases on the Delights label then you’ll know that these guys take the cinematic psych sound pretty serious ranging from the wildness of an orgy biker exploitation flick to a tripped out path down the road to a late 60’s European Library soundscape. No matter the route you take, you can never go with anything from the label!