RSI – Tone Moire Library Mix

With the amount of new vinyl and cassette releases, online mixes and day to day in the mix of things via the real world and social media, it’s hard to keep up and prioritizing what I should be consuming.  But when it comes to making time to fit things in, I stick to the golden rule that if it’s something from any number of the West Coast homies that dig deeper and have exquisite tastes in the records that they buy and music they choose to listen to, then it takes precedence over just about anything. I’m always open to getting schooled and that’s what Drumetrics and RSI’s Ricky Regretti has done with his latest library LP mix, Tone Moire.

If you’re looking to expand your pallet of musical delights then take a bite of the new mix where Ricky goes all across the board with serious flavors that you’re sure to enjoy.