Diggin’ Kontrapunkt (Köln, Germany)

The weather here in Germany has been absolutely amazing as it seems to be in many places which which is rather on the unseasonable side of autumn but I’ll take it! Being that it’s been upper 60’s F, 17C, it’s perfect weather to walk the streets, have an afternoon beer and of course find records. While strolling the streets yesterday evening with the homie Scarce One, we stopped into one of the newest shops here in Köln, Kontrapunkt which is nicely curated with quality secondhand pieces to fit any budget.  When arriving we found that the owner, Basti Fingers was in the process of moving the shop to another location around the corner but he was gracious enough let us dig through the inventory in search of gems.  The variety covered just about every genre, from Jazz to Hip Hop, Brazillian to Libray, Soundtracks to Rock, 12″ to 45s with no filler, just quality.

After a couple of hours, great convo and being introduced to quite a few things that I wasn’t hipped to, it’s obvious that Basti Fingers takes pride in his shop and what he stocks. Definitely looking forward to stopping by the new location once it’s all set up and running.