31 Days of 2017 Releases Pt. 4 – Sky Tony

What better reason for you to be locked in the house on a snowy day with no reason to leave the than to warm up by the fireplace with a stack of LPs?  As we proceed to give you what you need, missed out on, slept on or need to reevaluate, we have day 4 of our 31 days of January with 31 releases from 2017 that you need to be hipped to. Today we have the Sky Tony “Berri” EP distributed by Star Creature Universal Vibrations which hands down is a front to back let it play uninterrupted slab of instrumental modern funk blend of Italo naīve melodies and subtle UK jazz funk.  Proper in every way and one that sold out rather quickly but available on the secondary market around the $40+ mark.  Do yourself a favor and grab it!