The Turbans – Baba Ganooz b/w Lost My Mind

What happens after worlds collide can either be utter destruction or something extremely creative that inspired works of art.  We’ve seen it throughout history how something comes from nothing or two equal parts become whole which is exactly what happens when Jerusalem based Delights label connects with Uri “Mixmonster” Wertheim, the man behind making sure The Apples and Radio Trip’s final product sounds tight as closed mind. The two entities have come together for a special imprint named MonaTone which will focus more on the rock’n’roll-ish kind of way-out grooves with their first release, a double-sider by the Jerusalem-based garage/psych power-trio The Turbans.

If  you’re heavy into the garage / psych side of collecting, then adding new works will definitely enhance your crates so take a trip over to Jerusalem to get hipped to The Turbans.