Mancefield & Brother Man Band – Brotherman

Well what we have here and a quite fitting for a 45 Friday drop is your personal soundtrack to strut your way into the weekend with style as if your name was John Shaft. Another sure shot and winner from the good people over at The Preservation Project who debut their 3rd release to date and another sweet treat to add to your crates, file under “gotta have it”.

“Brotherman”, a full blown funk instrumental from Mancefield & Brother Man Band found buried in the archives somewhere feels very reminiscent of stage band music from the 1960s and 70s. Part 1 on the A-side opens with a major key splash that promises good things to come. The track delivers as the band moves into the hallmark heavy bass, with a horn section blasting a melody that’s almost instantly memorable. Then into some sick saxophone that adds some significant heat — at a time before the sax became a staple for radio-safe smooth jazz. Part 2 on the flip continues in the same fashion going in just a bit deeper and heavy all around.

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