J-Zone – Guerrilla Drums

Every so often I get the comment “you’re always on the go and working” thrown at me and all though this is true, but besides my drive to stay busy and ahead of the curve, I’m just inspired by and trying to keep up with others who I respect. No, it’s not a competition but it is about helping to bring art and other creative things to the world to help balance out the negativity thats going on. One of those people with a 0-60, blow through the tolls without paying work ethic that I’m always inspired by is J-Zone who always seems to have his hands in something and showing just how an artist can reinvent themselves and take things to the next stage of creativity.

Following up on various projects that he’s been involved in over the last year, J-Zone is back on the breaks and ready to release his “Guerrilla Drums” project that should come as a warm welcome to producers who are looking for those tough as nails drums to flip and chop. Similar to some of the great drum LPs that have been pressed during the 70’s and 80’s, J-Zone lays down a full helping of kick and snare goodness that quite honestly makes me want to load up the MPC and get busy.

Guerrilla Drums drops March 30th with a pair of 7″ vinyl joints to follow!