Ben Pirani – Art School Girl

As a kid growing up, the sounds of sweet soul 45’s were always played by my parents in the house, even the school bus driver had an 8-track player on the bus who played tons of soul, many of which I vividly remember to this day.  But if you would’ve told me back in the 70’s that in 2018 that type of authenticity in sound would still be being recorded, I would’ve never believed it.  Well it’s 2018 and there have been more than a handful of artists delivering soul 45’s to our ears and one of the best to do it comes via the new Colemine Records from Ben Pirani.  If you’ve been following the soul scene then you’ll no doubt know his name and this double sider of “Art School Girl” b/w “It’s Understanding” hits home and will surely find it’s way into the crates of fans and collectors.

“If you’re into the slow jams, the lowrider cuts, the doo-wop-ey sort of vibe, this is right in your wheelhouse!”

And for those of you who missed out on Ben’s “Light of My Life” 7″ that sold out instantly and commanded big dollars on the secondary market, Colemine will be re-releasing it and ready for you to heat up the dance food with it.

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