2000 Black – Sunday Avuncular

New grooves coming out of the UK from 2000 Black with their latest EP, Sunday Avuncular and a perfect way to capture the Summer vibes on the dance floor. Tathan, Mensah and Dego go head first into this 3 tracker that heats things up without a cool off period from beginning to end.  They say London rocks the spot, well this here is proof that they have it going on with the vibes.

“Sunday Avuncular” is a rampant fire that’s sparked with minimal elements but suddenly whips up into a full uptempo storm. “Bauxite, Gypsum & Limestone” is the smooth talker of the set with its soulful boogie tones and a momentum that gets more and more direct as the track develops. Finally “Mononymous Persons” concludes this special 12″ with a staccato beat and groove so wet 2000 Black should consider selling special branded towels. Exceptional. – Juno