Soul Jazz Presents Boombox 3 (Rare Rap 79-83)

Soul Jazz is back with the latest in their Boombox series with volume 3 spotlighting the more rare and unknown side of rap records from 1979-1983.  The 3-LP vinyl set features groups including Majestics, Brother’s Disco and The Caution Crew for a total of 18 cuts in all.  The set is also packaged with a 44-page book with photographs, original artwork and images discussing “hip-hop’s trajectory from the first wave of Bronx creativity – the legendary DJs Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa – through to its arrival in Harlem via the entrepreneurism of old-school African-American rhythm and blues producers and émigré Jamaican producers all living in New York.”

Available June 1st via Soul Jazz Records