J-Zone – Guerrilla Drums

It’s 2018 and if you’re still sampling from (insert any 90’s era go to sample favorite LPs) for your productions, then you obviously are not digging. It’s time to retire “Synthetic Substitution”, “Impeach The President” and anything else that fits into that category because there are more options today than ever which is where producer / drummer J-Zone fits in.  His latest release, “Guerrilla Drums” keeps the sampling producer in mind and packs 24 royalty-free drum breaks on double 7″ vinyl! That’s right, sample away folks without fear of publishing companies coming after you in a pre Turtles v. De La Soul or Gilbert O’Sullivan v. Biz Markie type of era.  As a sampling producer turned incredible drummer, J-Zone knows the game which is why he should be awarded the “Drummer of The Year” award for his transformation and blessing producers with loops played right from his kits.

Available now via https://j-zone.bandcamp.com