Jonny Benavidez and Cold Diamond & Mink – Let’s Get Together

Music has always been a big part of my life and being able to travel and build relationships with music lovers and record collectors across the globe has opened up my obsession to find more music and dig deeper into sounds that are more regional and may not have touched down on the East Coast years past. One of my favorite places to travel to as well as exposed to music is San Antonio which has a deep musical history and an encyclopedia worth of local soul 45’s that were pressed and are coveted by those who collectors who specialize in area.  The more I’m exposed, the more my ear matures, the more I’m interested in the legacy of of the music and for the still searching, a great place to start so that things can come full circle is with San Antonio’s Jonny Benavidez who is carrying on a tradition and sound that the region is known for.

His latest release “Let’s Get Together” on the finely tuned Timmion Records follows up on his debut single and once again links up with Cold Diamond & Mink on the backing to create another tight to the bone slab of Texas soul. Jonny pulls out his best dance craze chops and delivers a positive message over the rolling northern soul rhythm track and it doesn’t matter if you get down to soul music in leather soled slicks or sneakers, this 45 should be your ticket to dance floor heaven. With these two tracks under his belt Jonny is set to continue melting hearts and moving feet anywhere you hear him on record or a live performance.

If you enjoy the crossover soul sounds of classic indie labels such as Ovide or San Antonio’s Dynamic, you will undoubtedly get along nicely with this blast of sunshine. Available now for pre order via Timmion Records