The P Brothers – Mentaltainment EP

If you’ve been around the block pre a social media era then you would indeed have heard of the name The P Brothers and their how they keep that “Heavy Bronx’ experience in full effect even though they reside across the pond.  Hailing from the U.K. and without a doubt, Nottingham’s most official and authentic DJ’s, producers and preservers of Hip Hop and carrying on tradition while most have since have forgotten how to.  Their latest and long overdue release “Mentaltainment” EP keeps things on the New York side with heavy beats that’ll smack you in the face and rhymes from deep serious spitters that don’t play including Milano, Daniel Son and Your Old Droog, plus a guest appearance from the Bounce Master, Doo Wop taking us back like it’s the Spring Fling or Live 95 days. The EP is 7 tracks deep complete with instrumentals which are always so necessary and makes this a no brainer pick up.

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