J Scienide – The Actual Heat

Sometimes (actually most times) all you want is simplicity in your music, no frills beats and rhymes without the glitz, glamour of gimmicks, that’s what makes things perfect in it’s own way.  One of those projects that fits the bill is the latest vinyl release from J Scienide, “The Actual Heat” on Official Crate Music.  Produced by the one and only Gensu Dean and J Scienide with vocals from J and featuring a few guests including Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, yU, Nolan the Ninja, Grap Luva, Supastition, DJ Iran, and DJ Jon Doe.  The entire albums sounds like a weekend session hanging out in the studio with the fam, beats playing in the background, pens being put to pad and vocals being delivered in the booth which is something that we haven’t heard in quite some time.