The316 Phonographic Weight

A large percentage of the time I’d say that the best people to make a product are the people who have actually used similar products for years and have been through the up’s and downs of those products and being able to make something very similar, yet different in a better way.  An established vinyl DJ for 29 years, the UK’s Simon Denny set out to design a high quality, heavy duty 7″ center weight that was top of the line and custom branded if required. His company, The316 boasts it’s product as “the definitive and super heavy 100% non magnetic 45 phonographic weight” and after giving them a spin, they definitely meet the standards.  Weighing in at 147g each precision engineered to ensure that the fit of the outer circumference holds the record in place without wobble or gaps,  and the centre has been measured to fit precisely the spindle of a technics 1200/1210.

Weight aside, one of the things we love about this adapter is the high sides which makes it easy to grab from the spindle. Just like anything else, DJ’s are fickle in their choice of adapters some not minding lighter weight, others not minding the factory centers and others preferring the heaviest of heavy. With more options out there today than ever, it shouldn’t bee too heard to find what you’re looking for.

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