Tone B. Nimble – Soul is My Salvation Vol. 3

Last year about this same time, Tone B. Nimble and myself both released cassette tapes via the Record Breakin’ Music label and it was at that point during the frenzy of sales that we agreed on dropping another pair the following year which is what we did.  For those of you not familiar with my Chicago brother Tone B. Nimble, then please get hipped to his latest mix “Soul is My Salvation” Vol. 3, a Gospel oriented Disco, Soul and Funk mix properly strung together by an expert craftsman and  mix-master.

Consisting of over 60 minute programs; side A focuses on midtempo modern soul grooves, while side B is more upbeat and consists of soul, funk, disco, and even house grooves. For the purest out there, Tone records this mix in one take; using all vinyl on a rotary mixer….Amen.

Get hipped to whats going on and slide this tape in your box for those soulful dance floor tunes via