Donald Byrd – Witch Hunt

Earlier today while pulling records for upcoming gigs, I threw on Donald Byrd’s “Street Lady” album which marked a rather monumental moment in his Jazz-funk recordings. The 1973 album see’s Donald Byrd and writer / producer Larry Mizell working together to create a masterpiece which is rather different than anything that Byrd had recorded prior. While revisiting the album it dawned on me how much I really loved it with the standout cuts for me being “Lansana’s Priestress” and “Witch Hunt” which sounds like it could’ve have been used for any Blaxploitation film during that time and definitely a go to and repeat listen when this album is in rotation. Without a doubt a rare groove classic that should be in every collection if you love Jazz-funk, Donald Byrd or the Mizell sound.  File this away under the cheap heat category for the next time you’re out looking for expensive pieces that you don’t want to spend on.