Tape-Tastic: Meet The DJ With 1,000 Walkmans

We’re bringing you something special on this Tape Tuesday here at Nostalgia King from this Spanish DJ who performs sets with his collection of Walkman’s. Lorenzo Charlez (aka TJ Autoreverse) who refers to himself as the Tape Jockey (or TJ), is a collector and historian of sorts who loves the Walkman and uses it when he’s playing sets at various functions. His collection began with his father’s TPS-L2 from 1980. Then, in 2013, he found a rare Sony Boodo Khan (a device he was looking for some years ago) by chance in a local flea market. And now TJ’s house in Zaragoza is home to more than 1,020 devices and 700 cassettes.

To read the full story and peep the video of his collection head over to OZY.