Vintage Hip Hop Tee’s and Memorabilia Super Collection

In a world of “look at me too, I’m into cool things”, it’s rather easy to weed out the johnny come lately’s from the people who have been doing it and we love to see people who collect with passion and actually love what they buy without the value playing a factor.  Collecting is supposed to be about personal tastes and stories behind obtaining those pieces that fill collections that also speak to you and not because someone else has something. Anyone with money can buy into the newest cool trend, but having the insight to buy and hold onto just because you feel something is something else.

Kanye West superfan, Carlos Chico has built an incredible collection of Hip Hop tee’s, hoodies and other memorabilia from some of the best rap artists with a heavy focus on both Def Jam Records and Kanye West.  The 19 year old has been a fan of Kanye West when Kanye was well…. Kanye and his t-shirt game from the Drop Out days as well as other rarities are on point.  He’s kicking off a pop up shop in LA to sell some of these pieces and even if you’re not a Kanye fan, seeing collections put together in one room is always exciting to see.  Peep the video below to get insight on Carlos, his collection and frequent trips to the flea market to dig for grails.