DJ Aribe Won – I Found it! Vol. 3

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the globe, digging for music and meeting fellow DJs and diggers who all share the passion for unearthing incredible music that needs to be heard. One of the people that I’ve met along the way and have not only dug with but also eaten fine bowls of ramen with is the Philippines own DJ Arbie Won. While in Tokyo a couple years back digging and playing sets, we got to discuss some of our favorite records and in doing so I found out how deep and serious Arbie is with digging music from the Philippines as is displayed in his “I Found It!” series which he recently debut volume 3 “Diggin Pinoy Music Grooves” which is what we highly recommend you starting your Monday off with.

Diggin deeper is always a thing and we value those who do here at Nostalgia King.  It’s not just about having the music in your crates but also presenting it in a fashion that others can enjoy as well.