Judy Roberts – Never Was Love b/w Fantasy

There are just some records that need to be played out and if you’re a DJ, no matter if the format is on an LP, Disco 12″ or 45, you’ll do you’re best to pack it in your bags and work it into your set.  Ultimately, as DJ’s we love the convenient 7″ for and some records that we love deserves to be pressed on that format as long as it doesn’t take anything away from the original and in the case of our next feature, it comes in right on time.  Dynamite Cuts has brought us some great pieces that were previously only available on LP with the latest coming in from Judy Roberts with a beautiful double sider featuring “Never Was Love” b/w “Fantasy” from her self titled LP.

“This amazing lady has many wonderful tracks to pick but I have chosen two of my favourite. Taken from her first album self tittle “Judy Roberts”, which was on her own label Madonna records.  An all time vocal fusion classic hands down!!.  Judy and her partner Gerg fishman still perform and recording music. Judy is a amazing keyboard and singer, she sub licensed her music to the Inner city label where she release many other ups, which should be hunted down and collected.”  – Dynamite Cuts