Mongrels – Over Eggin’ It b/w Shoot The Breeze

We love being international and connecting the dots across the globe with artists to the people and vice versa.  One of the heavy on the B-Boy side of things and continued contributors of Hip Hop has always been the practitioners and thoroughbreds of those over in the UK.  There’s no element that they haven’t done to the fullest and as things go further, things often come full circle which is the case with the new Mongrels 7″. Coming through with B-Boy treats, the Sheffield duo of Kid Acne and Benjamin who joined forces through a shared love of hip-hop and graffiti in the mid 1990’s have recently released their new 7″ “Over Eggin’ It” ft. Jason Williamson b/w “Shoot The Breeze” with none other than Cappo and Juga-Naut grabbing an open mic. If this is your steez and it really should be, then it’ll definitely fill the void for those who love their Hip Hop extra fresh and nostalgic at the same time. 

Peep the goods, hit the floor, wild out!