Digging At Waxpaper Records Pop Up

There’s always fun times and great records to be had when I’m home and there’s a Waxpaper Records Pop Up going on. Yesterday I spent the afternoon surrounded by record dealers and buyers from all over who came to get their record fix and do a little digging in the crates while. Dealers from all over the area were set up with with records priced to move with some very heavy pieces on hand that caught the attention of a few.  In addition to grabbing a few pieces myself, I had the pleasure of spinning a set with some of my favorite records that I rarely get to play out which always is a plus.  In addition to rocking a few, I got to catch up and hear a few other homies that I haven’t heard play in a minute who also did sets, Duiji, Blaak The 9th Man and Street Orchestra who I passed the baton too and brought it home with the ill set.

Records scrolled, deals made, transactions transferred and everyone left happy.