L’Eclair – Polymood

With the internet making the world feel much smaller than it really is, sometimes you still need to travel half way across the globe just to be hipped to something that is literally right in your own back yard.  A couple of months back we reviewed a 7″ release from Geneva based group L’Eclair which was presented on Rocafort Records.  Not familiar with anything prior from the group, I recently discover that they have recorded an incredible album on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records right out of Brooklyn, NY and a hop skip and jump from Philly. How could this be possible that I was not in the know of L’Eclair nor the label? I know, you can’t be up on everything at all times from every angle but I’m glad I am now and hopefully can hip you. So while in Köln at Kontrapunkt records, the owner Basti says that I need to hear a new release record that he thinks I would love and it just happens to be the L’Eclair record.

“Born out of hazy nocturnal walks around London during the Winter of 2015, L’Eclair initially took form as a duo consisting of Sébastien Bui and Stefan Lilov, who conceived of the band for months before coming back to their homeplace of Geneva, Switzerland where their muse was eagerly awaiting them. The groove was their aim but they needed a bigger band to accomplish it. Long times friends and brother, Elie Ghersinu and Yavor Lilov joined the band, respectively on bass and drums, and not so long after, Quentin Pilet on percussion and Alain Sandri on keyboards & cowbell rounded out the current lineup.

After a year working on new songs and perfecting their Swiss Groove™ on any stage they could, L’Eclair took their guitars and shitty old synths to Geluk’s Tone Boutique studio in Haarlem, Netherlands. There the young groovers were confronted with the beautiful vintages machines and keyboards that would set the spirit high for the rest of the sessions that birthed the fine far-out funkiness that is 2018’s “Polymood” on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.

“Polymood” is a further expansion on L’Eclair’s quest to channel and honor their Afro-Disco, Kosmische, and early House 70s influences. And what we end up with is a collection of timeless Swiss Groove™ music—inspired by William Onyeabor, French band AIR, Piero Picioni, Sly Stone and CAN’s ‘Future Days’—bringing euphoric dance to the human machine while it perseveres in its never-ending search for the soul.”