Mammal Hands – Becoming

I’m not too familiar with the scene in Norwich, UK but from my first interaction, I can tell you that there’s some incredible jazz coming out of there from Mammal Hands to add onto the other incredible albums that have been dropping over the last couple of years. ¬†Following up their third album, Mammal Hands debuts their new EP and a serious 3-track listen of fine jazz of strong standards.

“Recorded from the same extensive studio sessions,Becoming is a seen as a brooding companion to third album Shadow Work, offering three new pieces self-produced by the trio. It opens with the bold title track Becoming, a hugely dynamic and diverse composition that begins with a rhythmical piano and saxophone line, building gradually with textural layers and flourishes before reaching a climatic end reminiscent of math-rock. It highlights the groups continued skill and playful ability to improvise and experiment with structure and mood.”

If you’re looking to add to your jazz crates then do yourself a favor and give this a serious listen.