Muriel Grossmann – Golden Rule

“…The album title ‘Golden Rule’ signals a commitment to reciprocity and respect: ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. This basic premise of social harmony and human dignity is common to both religious traditions and humanist principles, and it is this belief in our ability to create cooperatively and to live in peace that underlies the beautiful sounds of this album.”
Michael Jacklin, August 2018

RRGems has put it’s best foot forward with their releases which we previously covered here at Nostalgia King and their latest from Muriel Grossmann falls right in line.  Wearing multiple hats on her “Golden Rule” LP, Muriel wears multiple hats as producer and composer as well as musician and adding her skills as a tenor saxaphonist to this beautiful 7 track jazz double LP release.  2018 has been an incredible year for jazz and we’ve just about filled up a crates worth of top notch selections so this is definitely a welcomed addition to our daily rotation.

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