Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing Up For Auction

“The most beautifulest thing in this world!”

One of the slickest cars that a serious collector of vintage automobiles could want is without a doubt a Mercedes Benz Gullwing and there is one presently up for sale, at a hefty price of course. I remember years ago seeing an image of Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner sitting in a similar model which definitely exuded the presence of style and with the bid starting at 1.3 million, only a person with deep pockets could afford to enjoy it.

“The 300 SL is undoubtedly the king of postwar Mercedes production cars. A thinly-veiled race car in street clothing, the 300 SL was the brainchild of American Mercedes importer Max Hoffman, who begged Stuttgart to make a street version of their all-conquering 300 SL race car. With its aerodynamic body, gullwing doors, and direct-injection borrowed from WWII-era fighter plane engines, the 300 SL was an instant success. This 1955 300 SL was first owned by Ambie Collins of New York, where it arrived in the traditional Mercedes silver with black interior. The car crossed the Atlantic to join the Wiesenthal Collection in Vienna, Austria, in 1979, where it received a restoration in the early 90s and has remained since. With its immaculate condition and fully-documented provenance, this 300 SL is a must for any serious enthusiast.” – Uncrate