Game Time – Taito Station (Shibuya)

One of the great pastimes is without a doubt playing video games in an actual arcade. Not a barcade, Chuck E. Cheese or Celebration Station but a legit dark, loud, smoke filled arcade like the ones found in Japan. From the large case establishments like Taito Station to the smaller operations located on the 5th floor of some random building that just happens to be a hub for other video game stores that sell every console, cartridge and hand held imaginable.  Hanging out in arcades in Japan is unlike anywhere else in the world, it is here that at 1pm in the afternoon you will find business men, school students and video game professionals running the latest games of Tekken or whatever new fighting game is out at the moment, Dance Dance Revolution or these digital card games that I couldn’t begin to explain without you seeing it for yourself.  Aren’t people supposed to be at work and school!?

Dropping 100yen today is the equivalent of excitement as when we dropped case quarters in standup’s like Spy Hunter, Stargate and Elevator Action back in the 80’s but on another level but most of the patrons that frequent these arcades will stretch that 100yen out for hours without blinking. Whenever I’m in Japan I definitely make it a priority to hit the arcades a handful of times to get my fill in until the next trip.

Game on!