An Ill Considered Christmas

Jazz albums have been sweeping through 2018 with some great releases, many of which make our top list of heavy rotations for the year.  It’s the holiday season and what better way to enjoy the festivities than with good music and Ill Considered has you covered with something perfect for the occasion.  “Ill Considered Christmas” is the new project from the collective that features a selection of Dark, melancholy, aggressive, raging and subdued tunes.

“An Ill Considered Christmas” captures these essential festive feelings, weaving thorny, angular, unforgiving structures and stretching the helpless, protesting forms of infamous Christmas songs over them, creating a unique collection of Yuletide Chimeras. Recorded live in a day, with each musician extremely close to each other in the room, you can really feel the intensity of communication between them and the cohesive sound this proximity elicits.”