Editors Pick – Favorite Hip Hop Of 2018

Although the majority of what we covered here at Nostalgia King in 2018 was rooted in funk, soul and jazz related releases, there were a handful of rap gems that dropped and got major spins for us in the clubs, home and riding through the streets.

Planet Asia – The Golden Buddha (Brick Records) LP

Never disappointing, this Cali Agent stays on the move dropping gem after gem when most from 90’s era have teetered off.

Fokis ft. Skyzoo & Chi Ali – Audio Crack (Origu) 45

Origu dropped a pair of 45’s that totally caught us off guard. The first from Fokis which features Skyzoo and the return of Chi Ali both who come correct which pushes this to the top of our favorite rap joints of 2018. Audio crack indeed!

Sadat X ft. The UMC’s – I Know This Game (Origu) 45

If you would’ve told me that Sadat X and The UMC’s would’ve collaborated on a gem in 2018 to bang our ear drums and never would’ve believed it. Seasoned vets that sound refreshing in 2018 via the German Origu label.

Bozack Morris ft. Daniel Son – Karate Practice (GGBR) 45

Bozack Morris on the beats! Bozack slid through 2018 with straight production heat and Karate Practice featuring Daniel Son did it for us. Shaw Brothers bootleg inspiration equals crate essential.

J Scienide – The Actual Heat (Official Crate Music) LP

J Scienide delivered his tough as nails full length, The Actual Heat keeping the dusty digging sounds intact while filtering though the fluff that’s usually featured on tabloid music sites. Highly recommended by some of your favorite producers and DJs.

Mac McRaw ft. Paten Locke – Sleep Techniquez (Rarekind Records) 45

The homies Mac McRaw and Paten Locke live that rap shit and Sleep Techniquez is not to be slept on. Mixtape material that your favorite DJ’s, favorite DJ should be playing. If not, then they’re bugging.