Skeme Richards 2018 Year In Review

Man, another year has come and gone and 2018 for me personally as an artists as well as creative force behind Nostalgia King , it’s been a great 365 days with very little complaints. The year was filled with plenty of travels that took me across the globe to some of my favorite destinations to play some of my favorite parties with great and respected DJ’s within the scene. From LA to Japan, Chicago to Korea, Philly to Switzerland, New York to Atlanta, Helsinki to Denver, Indianapolis to Germany and destinations in between, it’s save to say that I racked up plenty of frequent flyer miles and per American Airlines, I flew a total of 3.5 times around the world.  Not bad for an independent DJ without management or booking agent.

2018 was also a great year for independent labels, artists and releases from those that we feature here at Nostalgia King and many more. We received more promo from labels across the globe this year than the previous and it’s obvious that the upswing of quality music is hitting a high note especially in the Jazz realm where our primarily listening consisted of a heavy dosage of Jazz. We also so an influx of labels who release previously record music and dig deeper than just reissuing what’s already out there and known. It’s those labels who are pushing the legitimately “rare” and unearthing titles to the DJ’s and dance floors worldwide.

Moving forward into 2019, we’re going to keep things fresh and continue to push this good music, labels and artists that operate within a industry that has very few media outlets that support them in getting their music out. We’ll also be focusing on connecting artists that we believe in with labels that have the means to release music and cross promoter each others followers to build a bigger network of fans for each. We’re also working to form the Nostalgia King Promo Agency which will take what we do here on the site to the next level in promoting artists to a wider network and place music directly into trusted and respected DJ’s who make and break records. 2019 looks bright and we’re ready to shine.

Thank you to everyone who has supported what we do in the past, continue to do so in the future and believe in what we do for the greater cause. Happy New Year!