The Circle of Confusion ft. Cornel Campbell

Rocafort Records is wasting no time getting right back into business in the start of the New Year. Already rolling out upcoming tunes including the new one from The Circle of Confusion featuring Cornel Campbell which is a first in the funky Reggae category for the label. In this unlikely collaboration, Lausanne Switzerland meets Kingston Jamaica with a heartfelt, stripped back, feel-good homage to the late 70s roots reggae style.

“The Circle of Confusion are a Swiss production duo: Seb.K (Shakedown productions) and Phil’eas (Black Diamond Music). Diehard reggae fans, they dared to contact their favourite Jamaican singer and got a result with Campbell delivering the lyrics on the spot, written on the day of Nelson Mandela’s death. There’s depth and feeling in this wonderfully lilting, plaintive song, typical of Campbell’s social consciousness and beautiful soul. Hard to believe it was all strung together in a shiny, clean Swiss studio when the sound is so simply warm and Jamaican. Beautiful run on the keyboards by Jah Lou.”