Top 10 DJ Charts 2018 – Rob Life (Vinyl Veterans)

Vinyl Veterans homie Rob Life is one of my favorite people in this DJ world who always has an open ear and good taste in music that he enjoys and plays out to an audience. When I put the call out for a monthly top DJ chart of what were heavy spins he instantly responded that he had 15 but could cut it down to 11. It’s always hard to only choose a top 10 especially when there is so much good music coming out at the moment but for Rob, we would’ve made an acceptation to the rule because I always enjoy knowing what others are truly feeling at the moment.  Here’s is top list.

  1. Baatin “The Slumlord” ‎– Don’t Stop (Love Turl) 7″
  2. Robohands – Green (Village Live) LP
  3. Jason Joshua & The Beholders – Rosegold/Are You Ready? (Mango Hill) 7″
  4. Reks & The Soundmakers – Call me Reks (from The Crown) EP (Viva La Vandal) 12″EP
  5. One Pac & Fellows ‎– Kelengetti (Enlace Funk) 7″
  6. Salt Lick – Doctor (Of Love) (Permanent) 7″
  7. Kiss The Sky – Sugar Pie (Ill Adrenaline) 7″
  8. Flammer Dance Band – Flammer (Lyskestrekk) LP
  9. Altin Gun – Tatli Dile Güler Yüze (Les Disques Bongo Joe) 7″
  10. Fokis – Audio Crack (Origu) 7″
  11. Jack White – Corporation (Third Man) 7″